Where is Creep Acres located?

We are located at 3968 Frailey Drive in Lafayette, Colorado. Please visit the location page for more information.

When is Creep Acres open?

For 2013, we will be open Friday, October 25; Saturday, October 26; and Thursday, October 31 (Halloween).

How much does it cost to get in?

Due to the recent Colorado flooding, we've decided to request a suggested donation of $3 per person, ALL of which will go to flood victims. However, we do not want money to be something that prevents anybody from enjoying our haunt, so nobody is required to pay a dime to get into the event! 

Can I bring my little kids?

We don't recommend anyone under the age of eight go through the haunted house. Our haunts do include quite a bit of graphic gore and high-startle scares, both of which could be emotionally damaging to young children. We are definitely not a family attraction. However, we have no age minimum as long as the child truly wants to tour the haunted house and is not simply being forced through by a parent.

Is it scary?


But is it really scary?

It all depends on you and how desensitized you are. However, based on our experiences, we predict that around 90% of people who go through the haunt will be consistently scared throughout the attraction. Our team spends quite a bit of time researching the psychology of fear and the techniques other haunted houses use to startle guests so we'd like to think that this research makes our haunts quite a bit scarier.

Are people gonna jump out and scare me?

Oh, you poor little thing! Could we really be trying to SCARE you?

Are there "chicken exits" if I am too scared to continue?

Yes, we have a total of four emergency exits throughout the haunt to escort panic-stricken (as well as unruly) guests out of the haunt.

What is the theme?

Each year, we like to put a slightly different twist on our storyline. For 2013, Creep Acres has fallen under the curse of an evil cult of dark witches, causing carnage and mayhem to overtake the once-peaceful population. Please visit the "Attractions" page for more information.

Will you provide candy on Halloween?

On Halloween, yes! The haunted house is located in our large workshop, but trick-or-treaters are welcome to go ring the doorbell on our house and get candy on Halloween!

What if I lose something in there?

Leave your contact information with the queue actor and we will search for your item in the morning. Unfortunately, we can not look for your item during operation as it diminishes the experience for others. It is your responsibility to hang on to anything you don't wish to lose, and we recommend that you don't bring anything with you that you can't afford to lose.

Is Creep Acres wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately due to the claustrophobic nature of our attractions, we are unable to provide wheelchair access. However, there are plenty of professional haunted attractions in the Denver area that are much more wheelchair accessible than us. Might I recommend City of the Dead or 13th Floor for those who require wheelchair accessibility but still want a good scare.

Is Creep Acres inside or outside?

The actual walkthrough haunted house is located entirely indoors, but part of the line for the event is located outside so be sure to dress for the weather, especially on Halloween. (On the first two nights of operation, it is less likely that the line will extend out past the indoor portion.)

How long does it take to go through?

Our attraction can take anywhere from 3-6 minutes to complete in its entirety depending on how your group reacts to fear. Some groups will take off running and others will form a tight ball and move at a snail's pace so it's really tough to give an accurate estimate. Many groups will also choose to go through the event multiple times so they get a better chance to take in all the detail and scares.

How long is the line?

This all depends on the night. We do know that arriving earlier in the night will result in a much shorter wait time, as well as coming on one of the first two nights of operation as on Halloween you will have to battle the Trick-or-Treater crowd.

Can I go through the attractions more than once?

Yes! Of course, you will have to wait in the line every time you go through the event out of respect for other guests, but there is not a limit on the number of times you can tour the haunt. We've had people go through 4 or 5 times just because it's so hard to see everything the first time through! Our haunt is also designed with a multitude of scare opportunities for our monsters so expect to get just as scared your second time through!

What can't I bring?

Pets, lighters, alcohol  masks, bulky costumes, cameras of any kind, flashlights or PHONES! Additionally, we ask that you do not bring any light sources into the attraction. If it's not keeping you alive, turn it off!

Does the experience differ from night to night?

Yes, we want every night you come here to be a different and fun experience, so we take every step possible to change up actor hiding spots and even some set pieces each night.

When does Creep Acres close?

Unfortunately because of our location and neighbors, we choose to close our line promptly at 10 PM every night we open. However, everyone in line at 10 o'clock will still be allowed to enter the attractions before we close for the night.

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