Lost somewhere beyond the mist on the Colorado plains sits the long forsaken Creep Acres! Once a peaceful cluster of family farms and businesses, this land turned evil with the arrival of The 4th Reich, a cult of neo-pagan witches led by the wretched Lord Dǎrku! These practitioners of dark magick cursed the land, feeding upon the dark energy released at the death of the innocent! The evil soon spread throughout the surrounding homes, turning their once peaceful residents to bloodthirsty huntsmen, forever watchful for innocent souls run astray! Now it’s up to YOU to venture into this barren wasteland and stop Lord Dǎrku before his horrid Reich can spread any farther! Do you have what it takes to triumph over this unhallowed land? Find out this October at Creep Acres!

NEW for 2013: Evil has taken root at Creep Acres! YOU must face- The witches’ swamp house! The catacombs buried deep below ground! Lord Dǎrku’s underground church of the damned! All the businesses of Creep Acres past will be revamped with the full wretched spirit of the 4th Reich! You’ll trek through- Charlie’s Auto Repair, where killer mechanics lurk in the shadows! The cannibal slaughterhouse, home to the infamous Uncle Bubba’s BBQ! The all new taxidermist shop! The barn! The tool shed! Chainsaw alley and Hell’s Gauntlet! And lots more!

 2013 Haunt Plans

For 2013, we are still in the process of planning out our event and deciding on the exact designs of each room. As of right now, we have already decided not to break the haunt into three sections like we did last year, and instead just have one big haunt that covers a much broader range of scenes and settings. Some of these areas are nearly finished with construction and some have yet to be designed on paper, so while I can't yet tell you exactly what we're doing for this year, I can let you know some certain specifics that will almost certainly be a piece of Creep Acres 2013:

-Butchers, slaughterhouses and cannibal kitchens have been an integral piece of Creep Acres past, playing a part in 4 of the past 6 years of our history. So for our 7th year of fear, we knew from the get-go that we would have to pay homage to this key piece of our horror heritage (plus, why waste the massive surplus of butcher props we've acquired?). The butcher sets will make for a perfect finale to the event and will consist of a slaughterhouse, a revamp of our always-popular BBQ Shack, and an over-the-top climax scene featuring two actors with skill saws that we like to call "Hell's Gauntlet." Additionally, I finally went out on a limb and got us a chainsaw for the haunt; it is working and at the Creep Acres compound now! Because of the gas fumes, we will have to build one final scene outdoors after Hell's Gauntlet which will likely (but not certainly) tie into the butcher theme... more updates to come as the build season progresses!

-For the first time ever, we are building a fully themed indoor queue line to prep guests for the action before the adventure even begins! This set will feature theatrical lighting, haunt-quality sets, and music to get you pumped (yes, real music; the haunt soundtrack won't begin until you enter the haunt proper). This area will likely be themed as a redneck village which will lead nicely into the first section of the haunt as well as match the exterior of the slaughterhouse buildings at the end of the haunt.

-The first stretch of the haunt out of the queue line will be comprised of a series of ramshackle redneck shacks and businesses. I'm still working on deciding exactly what sets I want to build, but here's the tentative list as of right now: 1) A return of Charlie's Auto Repair to kick things off, which will only be one room long but will provide a great intro to the show as well as a place to use all our auto props from last year. 2) The Boy Scout Room, a.k.a. the cuddle shack. Need I say more? 3) A taxidermist's shop, a la House of Shock, chock full of some of the nastiest props we know how to create! 4) A bloody tool shed with many, many layers of detail! This scene is already built and is easily the most detailed set I've ever created!

-The back room of the shop will feature an insanely creepy area dedicated to the theme of dark magic, voodoo and modern witchcraft (not your momma's witches)! This area will be especially sadistic in nature and will (alongside the Boy Scout cuddle shack) be one of the most controversial things we've ever done at Creep Acres. Be expecting some crazy things this year!

 2012 Attractions:

You've probably heard of professional haunted screamparks, with multiple haunted mazes to test your bravery and cuddle with your super-sexy date, but have you heard of a home haunt screampark? Well here at Creep Acres, we've decided to create the very first ameteur (in other words, free) screampark!

Here are the three attractions for this year's haunted house. Each attraction takes approximately 2-4 minutes to complete, depending on how fast your group moves.




Journey into the freakish slaughterhouse and BBQ restaurant of "Uncle Bubba," a crazed canibal butcher who might just make you into his next pulled pork sandwich! Place your order for fear and enter the back rooms of Bubba's slaughterhouse, dodging redneck butchers and hungry customers, then make your way into Bubba's restaurant, and prepare to fight your way out through hordes of canibal freaks! Will you be one of the lucky ones and escape out through a cattle chute, or like most will you get saughtered and wind up in the smoker! Find out this October at Creep Acres!





In the hills of Appalachia, a group of inbred hillbilly mechanics wreak havoc on all who have ever made fun of their deformities! By capturing innocent victims and harvesting their faces to be used as human masks to cover their blemishes and chopping off victims' more perfect parts to replace their own, these repairmen attempt to fix themselves and feel normal again. And now it's your turn to face these hillbilly freaks! Enter their repair shop to uncover the bodies of those who have gone before you, and prepare to fight for your life against the body repairmen of Charlie's Auto Repair!


Are you afraid of the dark? Prepare to face your fears in the dark and dingy basement of a serial killer! Enter his cellar and pray you make it out alive. Along the way, you'll encounter dozens of previous victims as well as the killer himself. You'll journey through the killer's makeshift bedroom and work your way through the bug-infested caverns where he does his most gruesome work! If you're lucky, you might just escape through the sewer and live to see the light of day -- that is unless you stumble into the killer's trap and get dragged back into the cellar!

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